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Things seem to be falling apart for the WWE and many of its most talented performers in the female arena as another superstar is on indefinite medical break.

Another top female superstar in the WWE has been sent off the ring as a result of the severe injury sustained during her last debut. As a professional wrestler, one cannot but face a hard time especially when a lot of happy moments have been enjoyed from fans and wrestling lovers. That is why wrestlers celebrate a lot when any championship belt has been won.

Our news correspondents gathered that the famous WWE Superstar Emma shared on her Instagram page saying she’s off the WWE ring for now on a medical break due to her injury.

You would recall that we brought the report of how Emma sustained the injury during the Sunday’s WWE As reported earlier in the week, Emma sustained an injury at Sunday’s WWE Live Event in Liverpool, England.

Sasha Banks inflicted the injury on her when she awkwardly landed on her shoulder leading to the bout being halted when the refree raised the dreaded ‘X’ flag, This left her with a broken shoulder it was a legitimate injury though.

Emma has since commented on the injury, on Monday she Tweeted “Just a little unlucky…Thanks for all the messages. Waiting to see what it is…”. This rules out any hopes that this was just part of an angle and it seems that Emma has unfortunately suffered yet another setback.
Now Emma has been flown to the United States putting an end to her WWE European Tour which was earlier planned.

Emma might be off the ring for a couple of weeks if not months due to the nature of her broken shoulder. Now she is expected to undergo series of tests before anyone can tell how long she’s pulling out of WWE.

It is indeed a sad news for the Superstar as she had a similar case last year forcing the ‘Emmalina’ out of the Evil Emma’ bouts.

This is a clear note that neither the NXT’s biggest female star or the company is in chance with her ordeal as she cannot be written off when NXT’s history is being discussed for she is widely known as one of the most talented female performer of all time.