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Steven Keshi the Ex-Nigeria Coach that led the Nigeria football team to the last 16 at the 2014 World cup in Brazil has died, he died at the age of 54.

Keshi is one of the competent coach in Nigeria so ever, he had led the Nigeria team to so many different level in the world cup, one of his greatest achievement is leading Nigeria to the 2013 Nations Cup title in South Africa.

Seeings Steven Keshi’s contract was not renewed after the 2014 World Cup he later engaged in match by match contract because the team failed to extend to the 2015 Nations Cup finals.

Steven Keshi was dismissed as the caretaker of the Nigeria football team coach but was later reinstated by the former Nigeria president Goodluck Jonathan’s intervention.

Steven Keshi as a Legend was one’s a captain in the Nigeria team, he also managed Mali and Togo, his legendary status is very great because he was one of the two men who won the Africa Cup of Nations as a player and also as a coach.

In 1994 Keshi was a player of the Nigeria Super Eagles that won the Nations Cup but mistakenly missed out in the World Cup quarter final that same year.
After all this victory the Legend is down. According to surveying his death occurs as a result of heart attack.

According to Keshi’s assistant Valere, he said that Keshi told him about his irregular heart beats last week and he advised him to see a doctor for checkup and solution. Because he lost his wife Kate last year December.