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The moves made by the WWE following the period of WrestleMania were indeed an overwhelming moments for wrestling fans. Fans have mostly expected the yearly post-WrestleMania tour of the UK and Europe.

There was the news that The Undertaker was arranged to show up at least twice in the UK tour. He was to team up with Big Show to fight against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan at the New Castle Arena, but Harpers knee injury has caused a change and it has been re-scheduled for Taker teaming with Kane stand against Rowan and Braun Strowman.

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Currently, the Undertaker has been arranged to show up on the 19th of April episode of SmackDown, but we have not yet known who he is to face. Fans across Europe will be disappointed because they will not see Taker live as it was advertised.

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More so, the plan for Taker appearing in Brussels, Paris, and Malaga on April 21st and 22nd has been cancelled. This is because Undertaker was telling people of the backstage about his match with Shane is possibly the last, this was rumored anyway.

Well, let’s see what really will be the outcome of The Undertaker.