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The retirement of The Undertaker is one update a pretty good number of WWE fans don’t like to talk about owing to the suspense he commands and the successes he has recorded in the world of wrestling but that is just one report that keeps dropping on our pages every now and then even right before Survivor Series.

The Deadman has been pulled out from the three upcoming “WWE Live WrestleMania Revenge” where he was originally advertised for five appearances, according to WrestleZone.

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While What Culture has reported that The Undertaker took his gloves off and placed them in the middle of the ring after his match with Shane McMahon which depicts retirement in the world of fighting.

You may want to say him being advertised for the U.K tour could mean he is still intact and not retiring yet but how would you explain his role being suddenly reduced from five to two in the U.K tour as WrestleZone reported?

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Well as of this time, no one can categorically say The Undertaker is in or out or what his plans might be in the ring or for WrestleMania 33 next year or even the rest of this year but one thing is sure, age has caught up with the WWE icon and just as Sting bowed out recently, he too will soon do the same.