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Reports from Several sources say that the Former World Heavy Weight Champion has just gone through a brain surgery.

Former OVW Heavy Weight champion Matt Cappotelli recently underwent a brain surgery to remove a tumor. He has used the social media as a medium to communicate with fans about the success of his operation.

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Cappotelli posted some photos on Facebook to show fans that the operation was successful:

Cappotelli was a co-winner tough enough season three. His career unfortunately had an early end when he was diagnosed with grade 2/3 astrocytoma. Cappotelli underwent a successful surgery to remove the tumor in May 2007. but the cancer returned a decade later.

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Cappotelli underwent a 9 hours surgery at Norton Brownsboro Hospital in Louisville.

Cappotelli went on to say that there is still an inoperable portion of tumour in his brain stem, which will be dealt with at an appropriate time. He must now wait on pathology reports to establish exactly what it is they are dealing with, at which point the best plan of action will be put in place.

The 37-year-old superstar has been advised to rest up for the time being.