Connect with us has confirmed the death of the father of a wrestling top official. Dave Meltzer announced the death of his father on F4Wonline earlier today.

Meltzer’s father has been battling with pancreatic cancer for a while now. Following the reports form June 30th on Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer’s father Herbert did not know about his sickness until a couple of weeks ago.

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We and he didn’t learn of his cancer until less than two weeks ago and didn’t know about that his kidneys were rapidly failing until Tuesday. He was still doing crossword puzzles on Wednesday, but last night he was bedridden and barely eating, fully comprehended everything going on but could barely talk, still saying he was going to go on the computer and print out some records I needed, even though he could barely move, and still said he wasn’t feeling any pain

According to sources, Herbert was still going to plays as at Saturday evening before taken into hospice care on Sunday. Herbert died at age 90.

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We at WRESTLING NEWS PLUS would like to offer our deepest condolence to Dave Meltzer and his entire family. He Was A good Husband Father And Friend.He Believed in Meltzer and Helped Him Achieve his dreams as a wrestling journalist. Rest in peace Herbert