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As reported earlier, the international group of hacker activists uncovered plan by the extreme terrorist group, ISIS to launch an attack at this Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view scheduled to hold at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. The reported additionally stated that the said proposed attack on WWE Survivor Series is the only U.S. target listed.

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The notification which was not 100 percent confirmed is currently being investigated by the necessary authorities to verify if there’s any substance in it.

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Meanwhile as a result of the threats notification, there is currently an element of fear rocking the air in Paris where the deadly group launched an attack last week leaving over a hundred people dead. Whistle-blowers are beginning to say that somewhat, this information would affect the general turnouts the show will receive today.

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As tension rings in the air, WWE have come out to state publicly that the matter is being investigated accordingly. Here’s what WWE officially stated, “WWE Survivor Series is currently scheduled as planned while we investigate the matter with federal, state and local authorities.”

See what Triple H also tweeted below:

In a related development, the international group of hacker activists has declared a cyberwar on ISIS after the last attack in Paris, France. They have vowed to hunt the extremist group, ISIS down through every possible means.

According to report, nearly 9,000 Twitter accounts spreading the ISIS propaganda have being deleted.

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