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Would it be out of place to consider this as even as WWE Divas Champion, Charlotte’s love life is involved? Well, it may interest you to know that Kelvin Love of the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers is now in Love with the professional wrestling legend, Ric Flair’s daughter.

Flair was speaking on SI Now with Maggie Gray recently and he was asked about which professional athlete is her daughter’s biggest fan and probably carrying a torch for. And Flair threw the hat into the ring, quite sooner than one could have said Jack Robinson.

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Ric Flair didn’t take the back seat. No he was quick to state that Kevin Love of the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers is probably interested in dating his daughter. To buttress more light on it, he stated that Kevin Love once asked him of Charlotte’s mobile phone number and that set a new spiral running in him.

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“She’s being very shy…Kevin Love wants her digits. I am the Cavaliers’ biggest fan. I love LeBron; met Kevin Love for the first time last year in the playoffs. And the first thing he said was, ‘I’m a huge fan of yours, but I love your daughter.’ Then I had to go back and research his contract to see how much money he was making before I went forward with the conversation…”

As of the now, no one could say whether that equation would give birth to any practical between the two stars but we are of the opinion that that is probably one of the things Flair wants. After all, Charlotte is still single ever since her divorce from TNA star Bram in October after two years of marriage was finalized.