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Basically, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Cesaro are list of MIA stars expected at WrestleMania but someone big is to be added to this list of Superstars.

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This news of Bill Goldberg showing up at the Shane McMahon-Undertaker Hell in a Cell match is either something to be accepted or not, there have been report from various sources about the former Champion sudden show up during the match.

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According to, Goldberg had a one-off appearance in mind when the WWE offered him a one-year or six-month contract. It is still a major erratic that Goldberg is at the point of making decisions since the time TNA showed interest in there schedules.

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There are other specualtions that two more Stars will show up, John Cena and Sting has been on suspect but due to the annoucement made during the Hall of Fame by Sting made his appearance uncertain and John Cena more visible