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Ever since the return of Roman Reigns from suspension, the world has seemed so dark for the former WWE world heavyweight champion.

Roman Reigns returned and luckily won a title, The WWE United States championship title. With all that happening, the WWE seems to be partially against the champion’s crowd entrance into the ring when he comes out from backstage.

The popular Roman Reigns always go through the crowd and cheer with fans on his entrance which started with The Shield. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose stopped their immediately after the breakup.

This has been the habit of Reigns since his debut but now it seem that WWE has stopped his crowd entrance recently. SmackDown Live spoilers has said that Reigns now come out like a normal WWE talent and walk down the ramp. This got most fans surprised.

WWE seem not to be comfortable and so wants to change Reigns character from being the next John Cena to being the first Roman Reigns. it sounded right at first but thing fell apart after Reigns had violated the wellness policy of the company.

However it seems that WWE has many plans of what to do with Reigns. Stay online and we shall inform you what becomes of him and The WWE new execution.