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Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the WWE best superstars in the WWE and his record is still well kept among the legendary. Stone cold has fought several matches in different WWE events.

It is revealed that Stone Cold’s Hell in a Cell interference was a thing that would never be out of the month of WWE Universe.

There was a very interesting breeds of newsfeed of the IWC as we patiently and happily draw close to WrestleMania and the latest news would create an atmosphere of great expectations. If the latest post of The WWE is indicated by any means then we should expect to see SOB playing a big role in the forth coming Wrestlemania event.

Stone cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon’s image was posted on Stone Cold’s official facebook page by The WWE. This has put to flight the rumor of Stone Cold smashing Vince’s party. It is the caption of the image that declare the interference in the Hell In a Cell between Undertaker and Shane match.

In the WWE anything is said to be possible. Experienced journalist Dave Meltzer said that there were no plans on the said angle a few weeks but plans are always subject to change in the WWE.

With all trust, fans would welcome the nostalgic angle which will act as the reason of bringing a WrestlMania season to be loved ever more. This are all said to be seen whether or it be, but we hope it be.