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With cruel hatred, Kevin Owens visited NXT and immediately made a crash against Sami Zayn his long time friend and tag partner. The WWE executives were impressed by this and they gave him conscription and surprise success over John Cena.

Some time ago Kevin Owens drew back to Mid-Card-Territory where he received a tongue lashing from Stephanie. Some long experienced Wrestlers are concerned that Stephanie buries Kevin completely.

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Discussing with Kevin Sullivan, Mister Saint Laurent (MSL) said that he is baffled by the way Stephanie buries everyone she come in contact with. Kevin Owens is known for being as skilled on the MIC as he is in the ring, and he’s among the wrestlers who have gained control over the audience.

More so, Kevin Owens reiterated, he’s certain that he would not allow letting loose when talking back to Stephanie and that it is doing more harm to their characters than good.

But still Stephanie outwits him and buries him completely.