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According to a report by, Paige is currently out of action following a concussion Injury she sustained in one of her encounters. The former WWE Divas Champion was speaking with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine and she noted that she would get back to action as soon as she gets fit again. She equally noted that she hopes her health complies with WWE’s wellness policy tests as that would be the acid test.

“WWE has been absolutely great with the wellness program and wanting to make sure I’m back on my feet and completely healthy before getting back in the ring again,” she said.

“I’m losing my mind because I’m not at work right now, so it’s been a few straight weeks of not leaving the house. I do go to the PC and get back in the ring there and see the doctors to make sure I’m a good kid and taking as much ImPACT tests as I possibly can.

“I hope to get back in the ring soon. It’s just a slight concussion. No big deal. Not a crazy one but WWE is obviously very protective of their talent.”

The super Diva additionally stated that her concussion injury isn’t severe and fans shouldn’t get themselves worried out. Then she said that thing fans are hungry to hear; her concussion injury wouldn’t take years like that of Brie Bella’s husband, Daniel Bryan. According to Paige, she would be back as soon as possible.

But the post shocking part of all is that Paige has joined the league of WWE fallen soldiers. Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Nikki Bella, John Cena, Sting and a host of others are just those out of action with injury. What a fate for WWE! What a pathway they wish they could reverse…. Oh life, full of ups and downs!