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Paul Heyman Girl Coming to WWE Television Soon? Sources revealed she is likely to appear at WrestleMania 32.

While he dropped hints on the huge possibility, it could all be part of his new deal.

Paul Heyman has been the advocate of the Beast Brock Lesnar for quite a while now and many fans wonder what lies in store for Heyman once the Beast goes on another hiatus. Could it be another WWE superstar, or even better, a Diva being managed by one of the greatest of the business?

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Heyman dropped hints on a possible Paul Heyman girl gracing WWE TV soon on Twitter when he replied to a fans’ tweet. Below is what he tweeted:

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Before you add two and two together, note that this could be part of the new deal between Paul’s company ‘Heyman Hustle’ and Yahoo Sports. The distribution deal would see Heyman’s company produce exclusive content for Yahoo’s Turnstile blog just around WrestleMania 32.

That’s not all as Yahoo studios would be putting out a documentary on Heyman’s life titled “A Day in the Life of the Advocate”, highlighting Heyman’s journey as the Beast’s advocate and the day-to-day activities of his “Looking4Larry” marketing agency.

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Heyman opened up about the new deal – that would also see famous YouTube stars – and said, “[Yahoo] reached out to me and they wanted to do something that starts on the Turnstile blog with some wrestling content, but also then expands throughout Yahoo. It became a distribution deal for all things Paul Heyman, Heyman Hustle and the Looking4Larry agency.”