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It is scarce these days to see a very faithful employee in any firm. The wrestling industry is no exemption. For instance, TNA has only two of its members left in their rooster.

The heaviest monster to hold the TNA X Division championship, Abyss, said in a Reddit AMA that he was told to be the one to stand in a match against Undertaker in a WrestleMania but he refused.

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Christopher Joseph Park who is fondly called Abyss is the only original TNA member left. He said, “Yes that’s true. I ended up staying with TNA and I’m so happy that I did. I have no regrets, I was an original member of TNA since the beginning and I couldn’t leave something I helped build from the ground up.’

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Abyss also made it clear that doesn’t regret all the tough matches he had over the course of his career. According to, Abyss said “I don’t regret anything I have ever done for TNA; I’ve always enjoyed working here. I don’t regret them and I’d do them all over again if I could.”