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A report has reached us stating that a popular professional wrestler is dead. According to PWInsider, Hack Meyers real name Donald Haviland died as result of complications from a recent brain surgery.

The one painful thing about his death is that Meyers died at the age of 41 and in just two days’ time, he would have become 42.

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The whole began in November 16th when Meyers underwent the surgery. Just a day before Meyers went in for the surgery, he was at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore as noted by Axl Rotten.

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Hack Meyers (Donald Haviland) was an American professional wrestler who became very popular with regards to his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling from 1993 to 1996.

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On behalf of the staff and management of, our condolences goes to the family of Hack Meyers. May his soul rest in peace: Amen!

See what Axl Rotten tweeted about Hack Meyers when he was at the hospital awaiting brain surgery before he died:

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