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Former WWE Divas Champion has just been reported to be on the verge of retiring from the wrestling giant company for motherhood.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio just submitted a report with detailed that Brie Bella is Brie Bella is expected to bow out of WWE sooner than later. According to him, she is not retiring because her husband Daniel Bryan retired from WWE exactly a week ago, rather she’s retiring because she’s always wanted to do so for motherhood.

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Yes, Meltzer didn’t leave the card open, as some would have thought, he noted that the 32-year old Diva is quitting so she can start up a family.

Well, this is not surprising as Brie Bella was speaking a while ago when she was being interviewed by aUK’s Magazine and she emphatically stated” target=”_blank”> UK’s Magazine and she emphatically stated that she and her husband are so hungry to have a child in their marriage.

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She went a step ahead to say that the only reason why they have been hesitating was because she can’t wrestle and be pregnant. Then she sealed it by saying, they are seriously considering the possible way out. And that the WWE Universe should be informed duly if anything comes out. You can read the full details here: Brie Bella said she is set to quit WWE for motherhood.