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Shaq O’Neal a wrestling superstar has recently pronounced that he really long to fight with Big Show in a match. The both met in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal face to face but were later eliminated by a team of superstars.

During an interview with Renee Young backstage Shaq said, “I’ve been wanting Big Show for years,” he told Young, also saying he would fight his fellow 7-footer “whenever, wherever.”

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Shaq has been away from the WWE since 2009 and now he is back longing to face Big Show. Shaq said that he couldn’t turn down McMahon’s request for him to return to the ring in Arlington, Texas. He said, “I’ve been a wrestling fan my whole life, so when they called me to do it, I had to do it”.

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More so, he went further as to even fixing a date on his challenge to big show. He chose the WrestleMania 33 in Orlando Florida. Indeed, it is going to hell for next WrestleMania. Lets watch out and see what really happens.