Connect with us has report that all is not well with Shane McMahon even though he did come to RAW with ‘made-up’ bruise on his face and a minor uneasiness in his movements as a result of the match he had against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

When the match was over, Shane gave “thumbs up” to the WWE Universe and that told everyone the he would or should be fine soon. And truly he was, or so he seem when he appeared on RAW the following day.

However, word from backstage says that Shane McMahon was really injured by The Undertaker during the Hell In a Cell.

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The report states that the Shane was first taken off the board and put into a golf cart before he was taken away to where he received some medical attention. noted that Shane’s insides surely took a hit as he was seen puking backstage.

Despite this cloud that fall on Shane, he still made it to RAW where he joined forces with his father.

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Well, as for Shane staying behind in the company, we are yet to receive updates in that regards. We shall bring same to your table should we receive any updates. Keep you posted!