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Ric Flair has said the unthinkable, probably what you never expected to cross your line on a day like this, but what could be more? The WWE legend has once more put his daughter in a tight corner, I dare say.

Flair was speaking on SI Now with Maggie Gray recently and he was asked about which professional athlete is her daughter’s biggest fan and probably carrying a torch for. And Flair threw the hat into the ring, quite sooner than one could have said Jack Robinson.

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Ric Flair noted that Kevin Love of the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers is probably interested in dating his daughter. He went a step further to state that Kevin Love once asked him of Charlotte’s mobile phone number and that set a new spiral running in him.

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“She’s being very shy…Kevin Love wants her digits. I am the Cavaliers’ biggest fan. I love LeBron; met Kevin Love for the first time last year in the playoffs. And the first thing he said was, ‘I’m a huge fan of yours, but I love your daughter.’ Then I had to go back and research his contract to see how much money he was making before I went forward with the conversation…”

Of course Charlotte wasn’t comfortable with the whole discussion but that was the nature the things and little could she do about it.