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WWE stars John Cena and Nikki Bella may have decided not to do the engagement thing for whatever reason but that wouldn’t stop other stars in the wrestling industry from doing theirs.

Few hours ago, a report was just filed in detailing how Joey Ryan proposed to his real-life girlfriend in the middle of a match. Wow, what an awesome and creative way to do the engagement thing.

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One thing we note of Joey Ryan was the runs he did during in TNA, PWG, Lucha Underground, ROH, Wrestling Society X, or his infamous p—s test of strength spot, which was quite different from what we have when he knelt down on one knee, took Laura James by the hand and said “the be my wife thing’

Ok, let me give you the gist.

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Ryan and James were competing against one another in an intergender match at Finest City Wrestling in San Diego, California. Then as the match ran on, there was a ref bump that led to Ryan grabbing a microphone.

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Ryan got it done like this; he went down on one knee and said he thought this was probably the only way he could surprise James, before the two embraced. Ryan then pinned James with a small package for the win.

And the deal was sealed; engagement was recorded.

We hope they do get married soon!