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The early 2016 Royal Rumble odds are in, and there are certainly some interesting lines made. Odds makers go all out for the Rumble, setting dozens of prop bets for entries, records, and the like.

Triple H is favored to win the Royal Rumble, with Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt rounding out the top four. This means Roman Reigns has to literally overcome the odds in order to win the Royal Rumble.

Despite not being advertised the Rumble, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, The Undertaker, and Finn Balor are all listed in the top ten. While not shown, the 30th spot is the favorite to take home the Rumble win.

Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn are both favored to enter the Rumble match, while Finn Balor, Daniel Bryan and Road Dogg are not. There weren’t any odds set on additional possible surprise superstars.

Other prop bets that were set as favored to happen were a wrestler tossed in the first 60 seconds, Reigns eliminating more than Brock Lesnar, never more than 15 stars in the ring at once, and a previous Rumble winner leaving as Champion.

All champions are also predicted to retain their titles. The way a betting line works is that if you take the under (-170), you have to bet $170 to yield $100. If you take the over (+150), a $100 bet would earn you $150.

Royal Rumble Match
Sami Zayn as an entrant (-170) vs Sami Zayn not as an entrant (+130)

Finn Balor not as an entrant (-190) vs. Finn Balor as an entrant (+150)

Samoa Joe as an entrant (-125) vs. Samoa Joe not as an entrant (-115)

Road Dogg not as an entrant (-260) vs. Road Dogg as an entrant (+180)

Daniel Bryan not as an entrant (-95) vs. Daniel Bryan as an entrant (+155)

Wrestlers vs. The Field, must be a participant

Triple H (-290) vs. (+210)
Roman Reigns (+400) vs. (-600)
Brock Lesnar (+500)) vs. (-900)
Bray Wyatt (+800) vs. (-1700)
Sheamus (+5000) vs. (-20000)
Braun Strowman (+5000) vs. (-20000)
Ryback (+7500) vs. (-32500)
Dolph Ziggler (+7500) vs. (-32500)
Chris Jericho (+7500) vs. (-32500)
Big Show (+10000) vs. (-5000)
Big E (+15000) vs. (-75000)
Curtis Axel (+15000) vs. (-75000)
Luke Harper (+15000) vs. (-75000)
Erick Rowan (+15000) vs. (-75000)
Kofi Kingston (+15000) vs. (-75000)
Stardust (+15000) vs. (-75000)

All Wagers have action, wrestlers vs. the field

Triple H (-245) vs. (+175)
Daniel Bryan (+1000) vs. (-2000)
Kevin Owens (+4000) vs. (-16000)
AJ Styles (+4000) vs. (-16000)
Undertaker (+4000) vs. (-16000)
Finn Balor (+5000) vs. (-20000)
The Rock (+6000) vs. (-2400)
Rusev (+7500) vs. (-32500)
Cesaro (+7500) vs. (-32500)
Sami Zayn (+7500) vs. (-32500)
Jack Swagger (+7500) vs. (-32500)
Randy Orton (+7500) vs. (-32500)
Alberto Del Rio (+15000) vs (-999999)
Samoa Joe (+15000) vs (-999999)
Erick Rowan (+15000) vs (-999999)
Heath Slater (+15000) vs (-999999)
Kane (+15000) vs (-999999)
Tyler Breeze (+15000) vs (-999999)
Adam Rose (+15000) vs (-999999)
Bo Dallas (+15000) vs (-999999)
Curtis Axel (+15000) vs (-999999)
D-Von (+15000) vs (-999999)

Intercontinental Championship
Last Man Standing
Dean Ambrose (c) (-230) vs. Kevin Owens (+170)

Divas Championship
Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch (+220)

WWE Tag Team Championship
New Day (c) (-290) vs. Usos (+210)

United States Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) (-210) vs. Kalisto (+160)

Four Way Tag Royal Rumble Qualifier
Dudley Boyz (-175) vs. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger (-150) vs. Darren Young & Damien Sandow (+1100) vs. The Ascension (+1500)