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There is massive shake up in the WWE, hot tears and painful wailing, dirge song being rendered for the lost soul…

Earlier this week, the report of an interview which was done since January was released and this was shocking statement by the fellow interviwed. As at January, in Chris Jericho’s Podcast, Sanda Toffoloni was interviwed concerning the death of her sister and nephew Nancy and Daniel Benoit.

According to media, the report was released this week because it marks another post-humus anniversary of the deadly act of Chris Benoit who killed his wife and his son before proceeding to killing himself. Although, in the interview, Sandra stated that Chris Benoit went wacko and also stating that he was affected by the death of Eddie Guerrero, Johnny Grunge and Ray Taylor.

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Furthermore, she said that Chris Benoit had to beat up his wife before finally putting her to death. More so, Chris Benoit posted on google, device methods of breaking necks. He had done this before finally claiming his own life. What a tragedy!

Discussing further, Sandra said that her nephew Daniel suffered from Fragile X syndrome. This was so deadly; I wonder what happened the day all these happened. This was a double murder suicide and it did left pains in the heart of related folks and even friends of the deceased. Sad story indeed!