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Deaths of love ones is so painful and will forever be evergreen in memory…

In any industry or administration, the most painful experience is the death of their members. Early death is indeed a painful thing that touches the heart because as the case is, the fellow may not have fulfilled destinies before finally answering the call of nature, death. The announcement of early death in any occasion makes the heart grow fonder.

In the WWE Deaths of professional wrestlers could be written as some of the worst tragedies in its entertainment sector. The life of living on the road, the demons that plague wrestlers and the lack of separation between real life and living as a character can be demanding and heartbreaking at the same time.

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Most superstars did not end their career in an acceptable way because of early death and it did caused havoc to the company because they were talents that were most needed in the WWE.

Some of the superstars who passed away early in the WWE include, Owen Hart who died on May 23, 1999, when an equipment malfunction occurred during his entrance from the rafters of Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, at the WWF’s Over the Edge pay-per-view event. He was 34 years old. It is revealed that Owen was a member of the Hart family who was to be the best superstar from the family.

More so, another superstar who passed away too early was Kerry Von who committed suicide by a shot to the heart on February 18, 1993, on his father’s ranch in Denton County, Texas.

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He was 33 years old. This was a painful exit indeed. Another superstar was Rick Rude; Rick Rude retired from the business at an early age due to injuries. He passed away at the age of 40 from heart failure as a result of mixed medications. What a painful exits and a regrettable death indeed. These deaths will for long be fresh in the memory of the WWE Universe.