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Among the successful wrestlers in the WWE world today, each of them has a unique way of gaining recognition from wrestling lovers all over the world. This article focuses on The Undertaker exceptional successes in the WWE.

His appearances in the 2015 shows have been very interesting, no doubt. Although his live shows and ring matches have been reduced in recent times by the WWE in order to keep him reserved for the bigger shows such as “WrestleMania”.

Putting the numbers of live shows of Phenom and The Undertaker side by side, Phenom apart from making more appearances, he also had many bouts in his recent years. His face off with Brock Lesnar months back led into three different matches ranging from WrestleMania 31, the Summerslam and the last Hell in A Cell.

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As WWE is seriously preparing for the 25th Anniversary of the Undertaker’s debut at Survivor Series, let’s take a flash back to the 1990 edition of the Survivor Series, if you were not too young to follow the events then, you will remember that ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase introduced his new man that became the famous Undertaker of today.

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Undertaker is a champion worth celebrating and the WWE is now putting things in place to giving Undertaker a colorful and memorable conclusion of his well-known career. More updates coming shortly.