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– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens from Anaheim, California with the usual intro.

– We’re live as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by JBL and Byron Saxton. We go to the ring and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose is hot and says he wants a F5 from Brock Lesnar tonight but Stephanie McMahon comes out instead. Fans boo. She taunts Ambrose and brings up the winner of Fastlane facing her husband Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 32. Ambrose says he knows how all this works, he just wants to get to the fighting part. Stephanie says he’s going to get a F5 tonight but not how he thinks… it will be a Fatal 5 Way match for the Intercontinental Title. She wishes him good luck and goes to leave but stops. She says if Roman Reigns interferes in the match, Ambrose will be disqualified from Fastlane. The match starts now.

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Fatal 5 Way for the WWE Intercontinental Title: Kevin Owens vs. Stardust vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose

Kevin Owens makes his way out first as Ambrose gets ready to fight. Stardust is out next followed by Tyler Breeze. Dolph Ziggler is the last man out.

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Back from the break and we get the bell as everyone goes at it. Stardust and Breeze work on Ambrose in the corner while Owens and Ziggler are on the floor. Ambrose ends up tossing Breeze to the floor and clotheslining Stardust. Ambrose mounts him in the corner with right hands as fans count. Ambrose keeps control of Stardust and goes to the top as Breeze nails Owens on the floor. Ambrose with a missile dropkick on Stardust. Owens runs in and drops Ambrose as fans boo.

Owens works over Ambrose for a 2 count. Owens whips Ambrose hard into the corner and talks trash. Ambrose fights back with forearms into the corner. Ambrose stomps away in the corner now. Owens pulls Ambrose face first into the turnbuckle and turns it around. Owens stomps away and plays to the crowd. Owens runs into a big boot and gets sent to the floor. Ambrose goes to run the ropes for a dive but Ziggler slides in and dropkicks him for a 2 count. Ziggler goes on and hits a neckbreaker, then the elbow drop for a 2 count. Ambrose sends Ziggler to the floor. Stardust runs in and drops Ambrose. Breeze comes in and takes Stardust out. Breeze runs the ropes but Owens clotheslines him. Owens powerbombs Breeze over the top and onto Ziggler and Stardust. Owens turns around to Ambrose and they go at it. Ambrose counters a pop-up powerbomb. Ambrose dives out onto the other three. He comes back in and drops Owens with a neckbreaker. Ambrose goes to the top with the big elbow drop and a close 2 count as Stardust breaks the pin and pulls Ambrose out. Stardust sends Ambrose into the steel steps. Breeze takes Stardust out with a kick as we go to commercial.

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Back from the break and Ambrose nails the bulldog on Stardust. He goes to the top but Stardust meets him. Ambrose headbutts Stardust to the mat. Breeze runs up but also gets sent to the mat. Ziggler runs up next and brings Ambrose down face first. Ziggler gets sent into the ring post. Stardust with a Disaster Kick on Breeze. Owens takes out Stardust and covers Ambrose for a 2 count. Owens delivers corner cannonballs to everyone but Breeze as Breeze kicks him with a Beauty Shot for a 2 count. Fans chant “this is awesome” now. Ambrose dumps Breeze to the floor. Stardust gets hit with the big bounce back clothesline from Ambrose. Ziggler runs in with a Zig Zag. Owens with a pop-up powerbomb on Breeze for the win and the title.

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Kevin Owens.

– After the match, Owens celebrates and retreats with his title as Ambrose looks on shocked.

– Still to come, Brie Bella will talk about her husband’s retirement and Fastlane. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see what just happened in the Fatal 5 Way. Ambrose is backstage walking when Renee Young approaches. Ambrose isn’t shocked by The Authority but he’s mad and frustrated. He says the title is gone and he has to live with that. The Authority has given him motivation to win at Fastlane. He says it will be him against Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania. He walks off after asking Renee if that gives her goosebumps.

– We go to the announcers but cut back to Renee, who is now with new champion Kevin Owens. Owens says he told everyone this was his title and he will get it back. He wants Renee to tell everyone he was right. Dolph Ziggler walks up clapping. He congratulates Owens on a “job done” and they have a few words. Ziggler wants a title shot at Fastlane on Sunday. Ziggler says he deserves to be Owens’ first defense and wants Owens to admit he’s right. Owens just says “nah” and walks off.

Big E vs. Mark Henry

We go to the ring and out come WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. It’s announced that they will be on a special edition of The Cutting Edge and The Peep Show with Edge and Christian at Fastlane on Sunday. They all cut promos on Edge and Christian before moving on to Mark Henry. Big E calls him a “mark ass buster” for walking out on them last week. Henry comes out and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and they lock up. Henry with an early slam to take control. Henry beats Big E around and sends him to the floor for a breather after a big headbutt. The referee counts but Henry follows. Kofi Kingston distracts Henry and Big E attacks. Big E drops Henry after ramming him into the barrier. The New Day all stand over Henry and taunt him now. Big E brings it back in the ring and stomps on Henry in the corner.

Woods keeps the crowd going with Francesca 2 at ringside. Big E splashes Henry for a 2 count. Big E manages to apply an abdominal stretch but Henry quickly reverses with a big hip toss. Henry makes a comeback now. Henry with a 2 count. Woods gets on the apron and distracts with his trombone. Henry knocks him to the floor. Henry turns around and Big E runs into a big boot from Henry. Big E side steps in the corner. Big E scoops Henry on his shoulder and holds him but Henry falls to the mat and may have injured himself. Henry is clutching his ribs as Big E just covers for the pin.

Winner: Big E

– After the match, the referees speculate that the splashes may have injured Henry’s ribs. The New Day celebrates but Big E looks at Henry a bit concerned.

– Still to come, Brie Bella will speak. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and the announcers plug Brock Lesnar on SmackDown.

– We go to the ring and Byron Saxton is waiting. He introduces Brie Bella and we see a clip from Daniel Bryan’s retirement last week. Saxton asks how Bryan is doing. She says he was able to turn a negative into a positive thanks to all the love from fans and people in the back. She goes on and is interrupted by Ric Flair and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte. Out they come.

Charlotte gives props to Bryan but doesn’t sound sincere. She says Bryan was in a league of his own. Brie says Bryan still is. Charlotte says it’s not like he died or something and Brie says he’s very much alive, and looking forward to what’s next. Charlotte goes on and says she will understand if Brie wants to forfeit the match on Sunday so she can be with her husband. Brie says Bryan supports her 100%. Charlotte says she means she supports her and Bryan 100%, taking a shot at Bryan being out of work. Charlotte says Brie and Bryan must need the money, that’s why she’s here. They go back and forth on the mic and Brie says Charlotte came out to mess with her because she’s scared. Brie says Charlotte knows she’s not an easy win. Brie says Charlotte just added fuel to her fire and she’s standing there in disgust seeing the champion Charlotte has become. Charlotte holds Flair back and backs him out of the ring. Charlotte gets back in Brie’s face and says she offered her the chance to walk away. Charlotte says she can only imagine what Brie’s goat-faced vegan babies will become. Brie attacks her and they go at it. Brie unloads and nails several kicks, sending Charlotte out of the ring. Brie’s music hits as Flair and Charlotte look on.

– Still to come, Braun Strowman vs. Big Show.

– Chris Jericho comes out to a big pop. He joins commentary for the next match but we go to commercial first.

AJ Styles vs. The Miz

Back from the break and out first comes The Miz. We see replays from SmackDown where Jericho hit Styles with a Codebreaker after their tag team win, then their singles match later in the night that Jericho won. AJ Styles is out next to a big pop.

AJ enters the ring and Miz beats him down before the bell. Miz unloads in the corner until the referee pulls him off. Fans chant AJ’s name. We get the bell and Miz runs into an elbow. Styles makes Miz retreat and goes for a submission but Miz fights him off. Miz with a big knee to the gut and a boot to the face. Miz mounts Styles with right hands. Miz keeps control and uses the middle rope against Styles as fans boo. Miz with a knee to the back and a headlock.

Miz keeps control and hits a neckbreaker for a 1 count. More back and forth. Styles counters and backslides Miz for a 2 count. Styles with strikes. Miz tosses Styles through the second rope and kicks him into the barrier. Miz goes to the floor but stops to talk trash to Jericho. Jericho stands up. Styles leaps out of nowhere and takes Miz down in front of the announcers table. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Miz is in control of Styles now. Styles makes a solid comeback and nails a knee for a close 2 count. Styles scoops Miz on his shoulder but Miz counters and hits a DDT for 2. Styles blocks the Skull Crushing Finale and rolls Miz up for a 2 count. Styles with kicks and another roll up for 2. Styles kicks Miz and nails the pele kick. Styles with another close 2 count. Styles goes to the top but Miz crotches him. Styles ends up springboarding in with a big forearm for a close 2 count. Fans pop as Styles waits for Miz to get up. Miz counters and nails the Skull Crushing Finale for a close 2 count.

Miz stomps away in the corner now. The referee pulls him off. Miz charges but AJ catches him and rolls him into the Calf Crusher for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

– After the match, Jericho gets up with a mic. He makes his way to the apron and congratulates Styles on the win. Styles interrupts him and knows he’s here to play games. Styles says it’s eating Jericho up inside, the fact that Styles beat him in his first singles match. Styles issues a challenge for Fastlane. Jericho says he’s not sure if he wants to wrestle Styles again. Jericho says he will think about it and get back to Styles on SmackDown.

– Up next, The Dudley Boyz will speak. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and out come The Dudley Boyz. They go to get a table from under the ring but change their mind. They cut promos on why they turned heel last week. D-Von Dudley says everyone thought they would just be some nostalgia act that rides off into the sunset. He says they’re not on some farewell tour, they are the baddest tag team on the planet. Bubba Ray Dudley says their legacy will be defined by all their tag title reigns, not by a piece of furniture.