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According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, WWE CEO Vince McMahon is rooting for a match between the Undertaker and a former strongman competitor, Braun Strowman despite the fact that a number of officials from the company’s table doesn’t want the match to take place.

The report detailed that against all odds, Vince is kicking that The Undertaker must go head-to-head with Strowman at WrestleMania 32 and that card is not WrestleMania worthy.

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So how do we get to know about it? A quarter of WWE official privy of the matter seemingly revealed that The Undertaker as well as Triple H does not want The Deadman to go facing off against Strowman.

Hence, if The Undertaker himself is against the idea or is not ready to do a match against Strowman what would become of him? What would Vince do to him for opposing him? Fire him?

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According to The Wrestling Observer, The Undertaker announced that he is ready to do a match against a host of others such as Sting, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and whatnot.

Naturally, Vince McMahon would force the match but The Undertaker does have a say here; if he does not want to do a match against Strowman, he doesn’t have to. Hence, the matter is still being discussed and before long a decision would be reached. We shall bring you all updates…