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At 70 years of age, when will Vince McMahon call it quit with WWE?

Vince McMahon, the chairman of WWE, has against the demands of age and other pressures, refused to take the option of retirement.

McMahon has retained the leadership of the company despite the fact that he has trained Stephanie McMahon, his daughter, and her husband, Triple H to take over the affairs of the company when he retires.

Now it has sort of become a thing of concern if Stephanie and Triple H are not yet skilled and shrewd enough to provide leadership for WWE as many are asking when the company will be put in their care.

Since the 1945-born ‘old’ man has refused to retire, it appears a plan has been hatched to force him into retirement.
According to reports credited to PWInsider, Stephanie is presently working on a book which is scheduled to be released by September. The book promises to be interesting as it will include things about Randy Savage and speculations about the two of them.

The book, as planned, will be published by Regan Arts who is making huge marketing plans for it.

It is the plan of WWE to use the book to publicize Stephanie over the coming months and hope this will endear her to the audience. Once this hypothesis proves true, she would be seen as the obvious heir to the throne of WWE when Vince finally steps down, a position she has already been groomed for.

If this scheme works fine it might be the beginning of pushing Vince McMahon aside, some assumed, though the old rugged man is not planning to leave any time soon.

The plan to put Stephanie McMahon more in the public has already began as she is now seen on shows linked to the NBC Universal world and she is also seen more on television.

Stephanie definitely has the qualification and the quality to lead WWE. Stephanie, who is a graduate of communications from the University of Boston and has been working for the company since 1998, has been the Chief Brand Officer of WWE since 2013 and up until that she held the position of the Executive Vice President of Creative Development and Operation since 2007. She is also on the Board of Directors with her husband, Triple H.

There are many angles that this whole event could play out through. Vince McMahon is not ready to leave any time soon, though he is old and his leaving might be good for the company in some ways but apart from the qualifications of Stephanie which makes her very qualified to step into her father’s shoes compared to her brother Shane McMahon, one is still forced to say that the business of wrestling takes more than just qualifications but includes some shrewdness, mind games and a whole lot which everyone knows Vince possess in abundance.

Sooner or later Vince will have to leave but if he is old and his mind is still performing great things it appears better to have him in control and not wish that he leaves now.

That said, we can only watch as time and future events will prove all plans and schemes right or wrong.