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There have been wrestling stars in the women’s division before now and even before the debut of famous WWE Divas who today has made name in the company.

The WWE ring has not witnessed the presence of the WWE Woman Trish Stratus for ten years and it has been reported that she may be planning to return to take chance in the company sooner than later. Talking to sports illustrated, Trish Stratus said that though she has not finalized her plans of returning to the ring but she strongly have it mind.

Before she said the above words she mentioned that the WWE Women’s Division paved way for the Divas revolution after the division has been rebranded. She said, “The ‘Revolution’ began with us. It was a change in the way women were perceived in the business.”

Trish Stratus’s return into the company will be to face another dimension of the business and no longer what she left as at 2006, that is, ten years ago. Things has really changed in the profession Trish Stratus confirms when she talked about stars she loves she mentioned Sasha Banks, Ronda Rousey and many others who are really doing well in the field. Anyway, we can’t wait to have Trish Stratus back to the ring.