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Reports just reaching us has it that wrestling champion has murdered his dear love and has been arrested.

The Texas independent wrestler Jasper Davis has been arrested for murdering his girlfriend, according to ABC affiliate KRTK in Houston.

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The 29-year-old Davis claims the shooting death of his 24-year-old girlfriend, Jennifer Nicole Mamo, was an accident. Prosecutors claim that Davis and Mamo had an argument after she accused him of flirting with another woman at a bar. Davis told police that his girlfriend grabbed a gun and when he tried to take it away, it went off. Davis said that Mamo was shot in the face.

Prosecutors claim that Davis shot Mamo and dumped her body by a creek on Birnam Wood in north Harris County. After Davis’ car got stuck at the creek, he called a friend to help him. The friend saw Mamo’s body and told Davis he wouldn’t help him before calling 911. Mamo’s seven-month-old baby was found alone in her home on Archer Glen. Police believe the baby was in the same room as the shooting but she wasn’t hurt.

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Davis made his wrestling debut in 2012 and frequently appears for promotions in the state of Texas, including Raw color commentator Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling. There he won the ROW Championship in 2013, and the ROW Tag Team Championship two times earlier this year.

ROW has not issued a statement on Davis, although his profile on their website has since been deleted.

May her soul rest in peace!