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Nikki Bella’s ex-boyfriend has been out of action for about a month due to injuries or other personal issues in the whole of his wrestling career. This was made known by Dolph Ziggler who was recently interviewed by The Fay Observer.

See excerpts of the interview below:

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Ziggler on how much time he has missed over his entire career:
“In 11 years, I’ve missed about four weeks of work due to injuries or anything. I don’t know anyone who even works in a cubicle in an office who has only missed that much work in 11 years.”

Ziggler on why he likes performing at house show events:

“All the superstars look forward to these live events. We actually get a chance to give back to the fans, give them a great match, hang out and high-five them. These are my favorite things to do. With the TV shows, we have to kind of get in there, wrestle, go to the commercial break. With the live appearances, there’s no plot. It’s just about going out and putting on a great show and having some fun.”

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Ziggler on if he ever brings in his wrestling persona for his standup comedy act:

“If I know its a wrestling crowd, I can use some things from work. But otherwise, when I step onto a stage, its just me. I just talk about dating, going to Chipotle, dates going wrong, just real-life stuff.”

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On John Cena Wedding Delay and His undying Love For His Ex-Lover Nikki Bella, Dolph Ziggler Said:

For Nikki Bella, I will never stop loving her; I have never stopped loving her in the first place. If Cena won’t marry her, I will wholeheartedly embrace her in my arms if she gives me half a chance again.