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Former WWE commentator and Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently had a Q&A session on his website, where he talked about quite a number of issues including the legendary retirement of The Undertaker, the exceptional possible returning of Bill Goldberg into the WWE’s fold as well as the likelihood of him returning to the fold.

When he was to speak about The Undertaker’s retirement, the WWE Hall of Famer said that the retirement of The Undertaker is something that cannot happen now. He went a step ahead to note that the WWE legend is a star of great note hence his retirement wouldn’t come “like a thief in the night”.

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Then he said that when the time eventually comes for “The Deadman” to bow out of professional wrestling trembling notes would be sent through WWE to the entire world and an otherwise would be unbecoming.

When the semi retired American professional wrestling commentator was asked to speak of the possible return of Bill Goldberg, he said that he would believe what people are saying about Goldberg’s return when it eventually comes to pass.

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Then he sealed it saying, he’s doubtful if Goldberg would return to WWE any time soon although his return would have done WrestleMania 32 a whole lot of good.

On whether he could return to WWE as a commentator, the 64-year old former company executive of WWE said: “For me to return to broadcast a special match, etc depends solely on WWE and not me. I am not against doing a “one off” but that’s WWE’s call. Let’s not hold our breath on that one.”