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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE officials are not happy with fans following an act of mimicking WWE legends in the last event of Monday’s WWE RAW.

We really cannot place it, whether it was the spirit and happiness that usually envelops everyone when they come in contact with someone they loved and saw unexpectedly or it’s just something else.

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The Rock actually made to the last episode of Monday’s night RAW and he did some few things while in the ring but before he mounted into the ring, a fan dressed as Savage was doing a range of Macho Man mannerisms. Hence, a different spirit too over the atmosphere as fans went on and on with the chants of “Randy Savage” which according to reports, was unbecoming and WWE officials frowned at it.

That apart, fans also dressed as WWE Legends Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Randy Savage and Rock were shown at ringside; the atmosphere had electricity hanging here and there. Oh yes, it did!

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However, security officials took out some fans from the show and ordered them to keep things cool. When they eventually did, the Wrestling Observer noted that they were once more allowed into the show and the rest is water under the bridge now.