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Kanako Urai the Japanese professional wrestler is also known by the ring name Asuka. She started her wrestling career in the AtoZ promotion in June 2004.

Asuka who retired from professional wrestling in March 2006 came back to the ring about two years later.

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Asuka officially passes Goldberg’s undefeated streak

Asuka has recently set a new record in the WWE as she is the current and longest reigning champion in her first reign. Asuka has also beaten the record of Goldberg’s undefeated streak.

The WWE Legend Goldberg fought hard victories in the World Championship Wrestling WCW. His record seemed epic as it was essential in keeping the WCW’s rating push up against the WWE which has always been so high.

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Each passing week Goldberg’s streak tally kept increasing. He continued to add to the streaks of wins after becoming a champion. The official number of wins is somewhere in the 150s this streak eventually ended At Starrcade 1998, with an assist from Scott Hall and a taser, the streak ended at 173-1.

Asuka has enjoyed her run in NXT, as she has succeeded in creating a new record in both the NXT and WWE. She was pretty much the unstoppable monster face, though, she is small in frame.

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Asuka reached her 163 victories this past weekend.She has technically passed Goldberg’s TV win streak. Many fans would love to see her retain, and hold on to the title until SummerSlam weekend.

The WWE Draft is set to take place on RAW, following SummerSlam. She is likely to appear on the main roaster. Some however feels that she will lose her title at Takeover: Chicago.