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Former WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan has finally made it known that he is retiring from WWE due to medical reasons.

Bryan has been out of action for a pretty while following a concussion injury he suffered nearly a year ago. Since then, WWE has refused to give him a chance to return to the ring again despite being cleared by a number of doctors. But not that of WWE, Joseph Maroon who seats comfortably as WWE doctor has refused to clear Bryan for whatever reason.

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Information came forth a little while ago that Bryan was offered several non-wrestling roles against his original contract which satisfy him as a wrestler. But he turned all offers down; he was adamant – he must wrestle at all cost. Hence, WWE froze his contract and bluntly told him that they are getting tired of him.

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Well, just before tonight RAW which his set to hold in his home town Bryan took to his Twitter account that he is done with wrestling for WWE at last.