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According to a report by, a popular WWE Superstar has announced that he would not do any wrestling again.

The report detailed that the former tag team champion, Cody Rhodes was on a question and answer session with fans on Twitter and he dropped the shock when he was asked about his future with the company.

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On about the potential of ever returning to his old Cody Rhodes gimmick, he said, “100% will not see Cody again. That book has closed”

Well, there was no knowing if Stardust was just joking or he meant what he actually said but worthy to note is that the possibility of his Stardust character coming to an end or if he would ever use The Cody Rhodes gimmick again remains to be seen.

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Cody Rhodes came to be in 2014 and later in the year, Stardust and his beloved brother Goldust went head-to-head with the tag team titles.

Later there was a rumor that Stardust and his brother would clash at WrestleMania 31 but that never happened. There are other sides to Stardust story including the part where he turned heel but one point of note is his last notable feud which was with actor, Stephen Amell at Summerslam ended with him being the loser.