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The twin sister, Nikki and Brie Bella have come to one point in their respective lives where they have to follow a different part; a different man and make decisions for the interest of man as it is with us all.

For marrying Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan has totally become a part of the Bella’s family in all aspect. This means that whatsoever concerns Brie Bella concerns Daniel in all ways.

The night before Kathy and Johnny’s wedding, all of their close family and friends gather in Florida to celebrate.

During the celebration, Brie and Nikki start talking about Bryan. Brie suggests that Nikki meet Bryan’s doctor so he can “explain” what’s happening to Bryan, because Brie doesn’t think Nikki really understands what’s going on with him.

Nikki explains that it’s hard for her when she sees that Brie is being affected by what Bryan is going through, but Brie tells Nikki that she would do “anything in the world” for her husband.

“If you think because of something like this I should bounce is absolutely crazy,” Brie says.

“I didn’t say that,” Nikki replies.

“I will always have his side and I will get through this with him whether it takes six months or five years,” Brie tells Nikki.
Brie then tells her sister that she has to “understand” that she has “come to peace” with John Cena not wanting to have kids, to which Nikki replies that “at least John has been honest” from day one.

“And you don’t think Bryan has?” Brie asks.

“No, I don’t think he’s been honest,” Nikki says.