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Many of us might have been wondering whether Paige’s father Ricky Knight is not happy with Del Rio dating his daughter Paige. Well, this is not the case at hand right; Ricky Knight is against current WAW Champion and his daughter’s husband, Alberto Del Rio (now known by his former name El Patron), and the buildup has heated up in an unpredictable fashion.

Sometime last year, it was reported that Knight came out and made an eyebrow-raising comment on Alberto and Paige’s engagement by saying, “Putting this out there, and then saying no more about it to anyone. I am totally against my daughter marrying that man. Statement over.”

It was really a hot moment on twitter as Knight and his daughter’s boyfriend, Del Rio exchange aggressions. Report has it that, Patron resumed the feud on Twitter against Paige’s dad, who’s also the man who incidentally owns the promotion.

According to, Merging real-life elements into the storyline always adds more authenticity to the feud and this is a classic example of the notion. El Patron has been on a roll with his drunken and sober rants about the WWE and using his cockiness to build up any feud is a great decision.

Patron’s borderline derogatory comment on Paige being the one to beat the eggs in his house has already made this reel-life feud very personal. See tweets below: