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It is clear that the recent superstar shake-up by WWE didn’t feature all the superstars in the company as some of them were released before the event came up live.

It s no longer new that a big member of the Vaudevillian tag team, Simon Gotch has been released from his contract by WWE. So many fans has been trying to figure out what the issues may be and what happened before WWE finally issued his released statement.

Simon Gotch had an interview with former WWE creative writer Vince Russo. In the interview, however, Simon Gotch said nothing negative about WWE and came across very level headed throughout.

After Simon Gotch’s release, his former Vaudevillains partner Aiden English is rumoured to be getting a midcard push under a singing gimmick which he previously had in NXT.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Simon Gotch tipped over his own chair and was furious after he fell down. The fall itself was reportedly bad enough for him to cause a scene.

While Gotch does have a reputation of not being very well liked, it is possible that this incident could have been the final straw that saw Gotch being released from his contract. Bad behaviour is not tolerated well in the WWE amongst performers, especially from those in the lower card.