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As different opinions and comments keep setting in on the issue of fuel price in the country, a friend to President Mohammadu Buhari had expressed his mind on the normal fuel price.

When addressing newsmen, Prof. Tam David –West expressed his concern for Nigerians for the sudden hike in fuel price, that it must have caused series of havocs in homes across the nation, also added that the decision by the President is inanimate.

He further explained that this will has gotten a negative effect on the citizen and destabilized many activities, by inflating the prices of goods in the market even transports fare throughout the nation.

Prof. Tam annoyingly opined that the declaration of the state Minister for petroleum Ibe Kachikwu on the fuel price from 86naira to 145naira is totally senseless.

In his opinion the intimate to the President revealed that it was the same NNPC that was controlling the fuel price at 86 and just drastically change the price to 145naira. And also the present fuel should not be cost, because some of the petrol stations were still selling the fuel with them.

He further disclosed that, it’s abnormal for marketers to be given a specific price on fuel imported by themselves. Added that there are lots of tariff added to the fuel price that made the inflation, also made the point that State Minister for petroleum must have a hidden agenda which might not be known to the president before he dogmatically admitted to hike the pump price of the fuel.

He later concluded that if all the added were removed that the price shouldn’t be more than 40naira per litre.