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The injury Tyrann Mathieu had in December could put the start of his new season in an hazardous situation but the long term safety desire of Arizona Cardinals changes nothing.

Report has it that the club is currently negotiating on how to keep honey Badger in Arizona for a brighter future, according to an anonymous source report has it that a new payday is about to be issued to make him among the highest payed rank player or maybe even the highest in NFL don’t be surprised.

Seattle’s Earl Thomas earns $10 million per season, New England’s Devin McCourty has the highest guarantee at $22 million and Eric Berry is under the franchise tag at $10.8 million in Kansas City.

Mathieu was a Defensive Player of the Year candidate before his injury. Surely at 5-foot-9, the safety is a Swiss Army Knife defender, who is capable of playing close to the line of scrimmage, owns impeccable timing on the blitz and his is an exceptional defender in space, using his superb leaping ability and ball skills against taller tight ends.