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In recent times, Randy Orton helped Bray Wyatt to conquer Kane and when he was asked to tell the reason why he did so, he, after pausing for a while said, ” if you can not beat them, you join them”.

This was a very shocking scenario as everyone in the auditorium were all amazed and taken aback about what happened. Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt were foes but the sudden friendship became a shock to many in the WWE Universe.

More so, the relationship of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Randy Orton has indeed grown to become a very strong one to the extent that they now act as stables.

It is revealed that Randy Orton will be breaking out of WWE soon and according to report, he would be out of WWE and SmackDown once Survivor Series ends. Well, the reason for this is very interesting: it is that he is fathering a child and need some time to spend with his wife and new baby.

Furthermore, According to Dave Meltzer’s Newsletter he may take break prior to Survivor Series Pay-Per View this Sunday.

He is Expected to be out till 29th November.

Lets see how Smackdown Live does without “The Apex Predator”. His break may open Gates for some Smackdown Live Superstars and they may get major pushes.