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The boss of the WWE, former superstar and a business was reportedly injured during his training which required surgery.

The boss is 71 now and still performs training to keep him fit and healthy. According to, the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has sustained an injury while training and had to undergo surgery.

The details about the injury were not disclosed by the company and they did not mention if the surgery was extensive or minor. It’s no secret that the 71-year-old WWE veteran and businessman still follows a strict training regimen but exactly on what date the Superstar suffered his injury has not been disclosed.

Age is no longer on the boss’s side and even it was previously reported that Vince McMahon has an impaired vision which made some team of officials to help him out of the ring while he was trying to give a speech but could not see his way to the ring.

It is revealed that the details of the injury is still being kept secret for the reason that since WWE plans to use as part of the ongoing storyline but no one is certain how it will play out.

Mr. McMahon is known for playing out dramatic storylines involving himself or his family and had even faked his own death in June of 2007 where he got inside his limousine on camera before it burst into flames followed by the show going off the air before announcing that Mr. McMahon was presumed dead. It was a surprise to see the dead Vince McMahon on stage proving that the report was faked.