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The much waited Backlash has finally come and gone but its footprint still remains. The matches of the event really met the expectations of the fans and even critics. It was indeed a really live event show.

Dean Ambrose lost his championship title to AJ Styles while Becky Lynch was crowned the SmackDown’s women champion. So amazing indeed the Backlash show was and fun filled. John Cena was not seen in the event because he was not scheduled to appear on the onset of the planning.

It is revealed that John Cena and AJ Styles had and unfinished business which seems that they will just have to continue once John Cena comes back to the WWE television and this time around, he will be featured for the WWE World heavyweight championship title against his rival Dean Ambrose.

What does this mean? May be John Cena may be on his way to becoming a 16 time world champion. What do you think? Fans will be very glad if this happens this way with the 15 time champion John Cena. The number 16 is the biggest, most elusive number in this business. It represents five decades of blood, sweat, and pain. It represents matches with the aforementioned performers with the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Sting, Randy Savage and others added to that list. Cena in his own way has helped to grow this business – but his contributions are far greater than those in a squared circle.

More so, without further ado, the rivalry will soon kick off and the former champion will be facing off with the present champion. It is going to be a bloody feud as Cena would want to put all his might to see that he achieve the championship title for the 16th time.