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The top WWE hit-man and legend, The Undertaker has been seen entering a New York hospital with his wife Michelle McCool.

The Wrestling legend whose name is real name Mark William Calaway — was visiting the Hospital for Special Surgery amid a Wrestling Observer report that he would require hip replacement surgery.The Undertaker, 52, retired after his loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33. The WWE legend reportedly walked into the David H Koch Pavilion Hospital for Special Surgery with wrestling Diva wife Michelle McCool.

It is believed he had been delaying the operation until he quit the squared circle and is now expected to undergo a number of procedures.

Fans were left in floods of tears after he called time on a 27-year career.

The Phenom was involved in a brutal final match, a defeat to Roman Reigns that ended his Wrestlemania record at 23-2.After the loss he took off his hat, coat and MMA-style gloves and placed them in the middle of the ring — a sign that he has ended his in-ring career.

The Undertaker then made his way up the long ramp, raised his arm in the air and disappeared slowly down the trap door he came from earlier.

Do we need to state that the 6ft 10inch beefcake is said to have been putting off painful hip replacement surgery until he quit the ring after 27 years.

His departure from the sport left fans heartbroken.

Michelle Mccool, The undertaker's wife

He later revealed how he believed Mankind – aka Mick Foley – had died in the body bout: “I actually thought he was physically broken in half.”

Fans continued to speculate over whether The Undertaker had hip surgery after Michelle appeared to post a selfie in New York on her Instagram page last night.

the Undertaker and wrestling Diva wife Michelle McCool

One said: “That’s a nice view I hope Taker’s surgery went well.”

Another added: “I hate that he’s been in so much pain these past few years and I hope he recovers quickly from his surgery.