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WWE Superstar John Cena has eventually dumbfounds everyone as he further speaks on his relationship with his fiancée Nikki Bella.

No one expected him to say what he said; no one saw it coming, I dare say but he said finally taken a new stand after sleeping over things. Yes, WWE legend John Cena HAS CHANGED HIS MIND ABOUT BECOMING A FATHER.

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Throughout Cena’s relationship with fiancée Nikki Bella, the wrestling superstar has consistently said that he never wants to have children.

However, during an appearance on Good Morning Britain today (March 15), he admitted that starring in the upcoming comedy movie Blockers has caused him to have a change of heart.

Opening up to presenters Kate Garraway and Susanna Reid, he explained that the film had got him thinking about having a family.

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“The story, as you said, is about these parents doing what they think is right to try and protect their children,” he said. “But the story is also about being confident as a parent and being confident in your children that you have done well and that they are also doing well.

“And the bond between a parent and child can be a wonderful thing even through some pretty tough situations. So it absolutely has made me consider being a parent one day.”

John then went on to talk about what kind of father he would be, should he and Nikki have a baby.

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“I would be one of those guys that probably thinks they’ve got everything right, who’s got every book, every angle figured out, then all of a sudden one day, ‘I’m doing it all wrong! I don’t have any idea!’,” he laughed.

The WWE superstar proposed to Nikki at WrestleMania last year in front of a packed-out stadium.

Now, a year on, it sounds as though the couple have set a date for their wedding – but John didn’t want to give too many details away.

“I can’t confirm that we do or do not have a date,” he explained. “It’s not private, I’m sure everyone will know but I would like the Mrs to be the one to break the news.”

We’ll watch this space!