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David Benoit, son of Chris Benoit

David Benoit, son of Chris Benoit has finally opened up on his father’s death as it touching Kevin Sullivan. Chris Benoit’s son has admitted that he poured out 13 years of agonising pain when he candidly spoke about his father in a new tell-all documentary.
Disgraced former wrestler Benoit killed his wife and son before taking his own life in a double-murder and suicide in 2007.And now the ex-WWE and WCW superstar’s heinous actions are the subject of Viceland’s Dark Side of the Ring documentary.
Chris Benoit, Nancy his wife and son Chris Benoit, Nancy his wife and son




David Benoit, who came from Chris’ first marriage to Martina, revealed that he “felt like a new man” after starring in the two-part documentary.

“I let 13 years of just pain go away when I sat there in front of that camera,” he told SiriusXM Busted Open.

“I let it all out, and I felt like a new man and yeah.”I got to select everyone I wanted, so Dean [Malenko], Chris [Jericho], Vickie [Guerrero], those are the main people I picked.”

The two-episode documentary, which aired earlier this week, is narrated by WWE legend Chris Jericho and also stars the current AEW star.

Chris Benoit son

And other names that took part in interviews included Chavo Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Vickie Guerrero.

David, who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps as a pro wrestler, insisted that the second episode of the documentary would hit wrestling fans the hardest.

He explained: “You know… part two will hit hard. You know, when I watched it before it came out, it hit me hard. I didn’t expect some things on there.”

David and Chris Benoit

David and Chris Benoit

WWE initially paid tribute to Benoit after his death, but the wrestling promotion has since scrubbed his name from the history books when more details emerged of his shocking crime.

David revealed that Chris Jericho and Chavo Guerrero played an important role in his life after the double-murder and suicide.

David Benoit, who came from Chris first marriage to Martina

David Benoit, who came from Chris’ first marriage to Martina

But he added that he never received a phone call from WWE CEO and chairman Vince McMahon.

David said: “He’s played a big role in my life. He’s always been there for me.”Only two people that really been there for me were Chavo and Chris when the whole thing went down.

“I didn’t get no calls from anyone else, not even Vince McMahon called me after, but that’s his decision.”

David Benoit, son of Chris Benoit

David Benoit, son of Chris Benoit

On Kevin Sullivan murdering his father

David Benoit says Kevin Sullivan didn’t do anything, we had the police look into him…