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The “Unbroken” a film released by Angelina Jolie in the late 2014 has been generating a lot of controversies among the Japanese. The film about the story of the Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner and air force pilot of the United State who was at the lose end for 47 days after the1947 crash of his B-24 bomber into the pacific ocean.

The report reaching us now indicates that movie lovers will now have Jolie’s Unbroken at their door steps because it will now be screened after the Tokyo Cinema might have shown it by next February.
Louis Zamperini after his arrest spent two years in detention center in Japan, where he was tormented and starved by guards.

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It would be recalled that some activists carried out a campaign on and Facebook calling for the banning of the film, and even called for Jolie’s ban from entering into Japan. The film was described as a “pure fabrication” by the spokesperson for the ultra-conservative pressure group the Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact.

Although Zamperini passed on to the world beyond last year at the age of 97, but the Japanese promotional posters for the film described it as the true story of a man “who survived hell for two years at a prison camp”.

Angelina Jolie on her part said she was less concerned on the criticisms surrounding her film saying “It’s a beautiful film that has a beautiful message,” “We were very conscious of showing all sides of the war, including the bombing of Tokyo. But this is Louis’ experience and he … had a very difficult time as a POW. So we want to pay respect and show that all people suffer in war.”

However, Unbroken is not the first foreign film to have attracted so much criticism especially from Japan’s nationalists.

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