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The preliminary betting lines are in, and there are some surprising, and not so surprising numbers headed into Sunday’s big show.

Roman Reigns, Charlotte and Kevin Owens are all giant favorites heading into the show, while The Undertaker’s +250 is the same line his storyline brother Kane was given in his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with Seth Rollins.

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United States Champion John Cena wasn’t given a line, as we have no idea who his opponent will be. Six of the top names we thought could be involved in the match are instead in a six man tag, with Dolph Ziggler & Cesaro & Neville favored to earn a win.

The Dudley Boyz are currently favored to win their match against New Day, which would ideally make them WWE Tag Team Champions. As we’ve seen in the past, that isn’t always the case, as New Day has used nefarious means to retain their titles.

The way lines are set, is that a number in the minus (Kevin Owens at -750) is how much you’d need to bet to win $100. A number in the plus (Ryback at +450) is how much you’d earn by betting $100.

We’ll keep you updated on line changes throughout the day.

Hell in a Cell
Brock Lesnar (-350) vs. The Undertaker (+250)

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Hell in a Cell
Roman Reigns (-750) vs. Bray Wyatt (+450)

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte (-600) vs. Nikki Bella (+400)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins (-350) vs. Kane (+250)

WWE Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz (-210) vs. New Day (+160)

Intercontinental Title
Kevin Owens (-750) vs. Ryback (+450)

Dolph Ziggler & Cesaro & Neville (-215) vs. Rusev & Sheamus & King Barrett (+165)


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