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Undertaker And Brock Lesnar

Undertaker And Brock Lesnar

The internet has been buzzing, everyone talking about the WWE with respect to the Hell in a Cell pay. What a day it would become, some say.

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But that’s not really the only fascinating thing about the 2015 edition of the WWE, the other side of story brings the action and speculations of the match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.
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The contest brings to mind the successes and failures each have recorded over the years; at one match The Undertaker takes the belt while at the Brock Lesnar gets the better share of the day. It has already been a tight battle as no one can say who will go home as the winner.

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After this phase of the match, the next will be fought inside the Hell in a Cell structure which will give the day a bloody look. Shouts will surely go up, blood will probably come down and the winner will nearly go home with broken bones.

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